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For us at Crossroads,
Jesus is...

  • A man born into this world 6 BCE to a Jewish family in Roman occupied Palestine.

  • Someone who lived and died in that land around 30 CE.

  • A remarkable miracle worker.

  • A public speaker who proclaimed a kingdom coming that was and is like no other.

  • A leader who gathered and loved a collection of followers.

  • A teacher who taught and sent out his followers to proclaim the same message he did.

  • The victim of a cruel death by torture after being wrongly convicted of crimes he did not commit.

  • A person people claim to have seen raise himself from death to appear before them before bodily rising into heaven.

But he is so much more.

He is the eternal divine Son of God. He gave up his existence as that Son, invisible to us, to become visible like us and fully human. He did this because he wants to save us—you and all of us at Crossroads too--from the all the ways we fall short of what we could be. He has already saved us by dying for us. His death restored our relationship with God, opening our lives to a joy we have never known before. He lives today and we have a personal relationship with him, a relationship you can have with him too.

Discover Jesus

Jesus gave evidence in his word and the way he lived his life that he was a spiritual being who became one of us. And if this is true, the question is why? Why did he come? Why did he allow himself to be killed in a cruel way? Why die hanging on a cross?


We have answers. If you aren’t sure you understand, or even simply don’t believe, you’re welcome to come talk to us about why we believe what we believe. We’re right on Packard Road in Ann Arbor. Come ask us why we believe, why we know why Jesus came and why we know he lives today.

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